Professionals of the sector are the ones who speak best about Foie Gras!
Discover their career, their daily life and their passion for the profession... The secret of a quality Foie Gras !

MATHIEU – Duck breeder and fattener from generation to generation

Since he was a child, Mathieu has been passionate about this job. His aunt transmitted him her know-how. He explains how the fattening process is carried out while respecting the animals’ welfare.

THOMAS – Young breeder of Foie Gras ducks

Thomas is a young breeder of Foie Gras ducks. He has invested in a modern farm adapted to the comfort and the well-being of the animals, which can choose to be outdoors or inside the buildings. Passionate, he explains the richness and variety of his daily life.

DAMIEN – Producer of Foie Gras in short circuit and direct sale

Damien is a duck farmer, fattener and specialist in preserved food. He took over the family duck farm 12 years ago and converted it to short circuit and direct sales. He loves to be in contact with his customers and to be able to advise them on his products.