road trip

Follow our two ambassadors Pierre Chomet and Matthias Marc on the most gourmet road-trip of the year! They meet professionals of Foie Gras who share with them their unique know-how.
On the program : moments of sharing, conviviality and gourmandise guaranteed!
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1.Discovering the farming

1st step: discovery of a goose and duck farm

Matthias Marc & Pierre Chomet meet Florian Boucherie, Foie Gras producer in Dordogne. Our two chefs are immersed in the traditional production of Foie Gras and discover a unique know-how.

2. Heading to the kitchen with Matthias Marc and Pierre Chomet !

Cooking challenge on the road to Foie Gras

Reinventing Foie Gras, a product of gastronomic, by breaking the codes: this is the challenge that our two Top Chefs have accepted to take up! Don’t wait any longer to watch this 100% gourmet episode and go to the page "Heading to the kitchen" to reproduce the recipes at home and impress your friends!

3. The secrets of Foie Gras with David

Everything you didn't know about Foie Gras

Pierre & Matthias continue their Foie Gras road trip in the beautiful store of David Pélégris, specialist in preserved food in the center of Sarlat. On the program: immersion in the store, discovery of the whole range of Foie Gras products and blind tasting… our two chefs discover all the secrets of Foie Gras.